2018 Blanket

$ 3,052.59 USD $ 26.99 USD

Time to go undercover, Gishers! Get the GISH super-snuggly sock monkey throw and you’ll be the coziest Gisher to ever relax post-Hunt. Our patented ‘blanket” technology is designed with comfort and versatility in mind. It has so many uses! Wrap up on a chilly night. Use it for a spontaneous picnic. Let it sub in when your superhero cape is at the cleaners, when you run out of clean towels, or as top-grade construction material for blanket-fort construction… this blanket has been certified by master blanket-fort builder Misha Collins, so you know it’s good. Adorned with a sock monkey nestled into the covers and the GISH logo, our soft blanket is the bluest blue to ever blue and made exclusively for a Gisher like you.

50" x 60"; 50% cotton, 50% polyester

Gish Blankets begin shipping in November.

Linus' Testimonial:
"I never knew what true security was until I found this blanket. I feel so cozy and secure! "
Van Winkle's Testimonial
"I don't like to make blanket statements but this one is great."