2018 Possubull Slouch Beanie

$ 897.19 USD $ 18.99 USD

Toque. Beanie. Ski cap. Whatever you call it, you’ll call it cozy and cute when it’s a GISH beanie/toque/ski cap/hat. This slouch cap is perfect for slouching around and features the Possubull, the greatest hybrid support animal we’ve ever had on staff.

Keep a cool head? Nah. Passion is in. Get a GISH beanie and become the hot-head you’ve always wanted to be.

55% acrylic, 45% polyester; one size fits most

Possubull Slouch Beanies begin shipping in November.

Anonymous' Testimonial:
"WHO ARE YOU CALLING A HOT-HEAD? I prefer “cozy”, thank you. This beanie gets me all the way to cozy-plus, and also doubles as a great knit container for carrying small things. Thanks, GISH!"
Jeremiah's Testimonial
"Has anyone investigated whether the Possubull on this beanie is sending out unique positive frequencies to control our minds?"