2018 I.M. Possubull Shirt

$ 21.99 USD

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Is it possubull for anything to be cuter?

No. It is not. In fact, it’s I.M. Possubull! Pin him on your jacket, your bag, or anywhere where you need a little extra support. Our hybrid support animal will stick with you no matter what happens— because he is a pin. But also because he’s damn loyal.

The Anything is Possubull shirt also comes in “hoodie” form, featuring full appendage sheaths and a flip-up anti-scowl cowl. Pop it into “up” position any time you want to go into stealth mode for undercover GISH ops or just when you want a guarantee life of your spirits. Our hoodie’s patent-pending “anti-scowl cowl” properties will ensure that your spirits feel 22% extra hygge. (It’s Danish. Look it up.)

T-shirts and Tanks 100% cotton; Hoodies 50% cotton, 50% polyester. Machine Wash. Imported. 

I.M. Possubull shirts begin shipping in November.


Lucky's Testimonial (3-time Gishers & Super Lotto Winner):
"When I put this shirt on, everything started going my way. Doors started opening for me, my wishes came true and my morning breath was noticeably better. Will it fix your life? I don’t know… but anything is possubull.
Barb's Testimonial:
"I didn't expect the tail to be so cute. But here we are!"